Scuba diving

Scuba diving with us on board of the Vanora is a very personalized matter. We are flexible and are able to act according to our small group and enjoy the tropical waters with their colourful fish in all sizes and shapes, coral reefs all for ourselves.

In order to enjoy a holiday in its entirety, we recommend 5-7 dives per cruise. We can then pick out the most beautiful diving areas and we still have enough time to sail and get to know the country and its people – in short: take the best of it with you!
We are both enthusiastic divers; Tina is a PADI dive master and knows the area well and is ready to assist and give advice at all times.
Please remember to check the validity of your diving ability certificate and bring it along with your brevet.
You can’t dive but would love to try it out/learn how to?
We’ll take you by the hand and show you the beautiful aquatic world. A dive to try it out (as long as you’re healthy!) is possible at any time. If you get the taste of it, the introduction to the PADI “Discover Scuba diver” is no problem for us.
Always book pieces of equipment in advance. You can find out the prices for dives, training and equipment as well as further information under “Prices and information”.

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