Life on board

Life on board of a luxury catamaran is certainly totally different to what you are used to from other holidays up till now. Neither can it be compared with the cruises of the “old school”. Yet of course, everybody first thinks of sailing . . . . . .

Sailing ______________________________________________________________

We are both passionate sailors, yet it pleases us all the more when our guests have no or little experience in sailing and fully rely on us. If you’re interested, we will teach you the first basics and involve everybody, depending on his talent, in the life of sailing. Yet even the experienced, sporty sailor gets his money’s worth with us, for we did in fact win the multihull class of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) with the Vanora in 2009; and we only needed 15 days and a few hours to cross the Atlantic (2,700 nautical miles). Sailing under a gennaker as well as under a pinnaker is always something special, for both the inexperienced and the sporty sailor. It goes without saying that we will issue a nautical mile certificate.

Activities ________________________________________________________

There are many ways of being active with us. We have 2 kayaks, a wakeboard, a water tube or banana and, of course, snorkelling equipment in almost every size. Snorkelling with ocean turtles or skates is sure to be a unique experience! Divers also get their money’s worth because Tina is a PADI dive master; we thus have complete diving equipment on board. (click to find out more) There are super spots for surfers and kiters, which are usually close to where we anchor. Fishing and deep sea fishing is no problem because the skipper himself is a passionate fisherman and is glad about support. Some simply use the Vanora as a diving or sunbathing platform.

Whales and dolphins____________________________________________________

On almost every cruise, dolphins at some point appear between our skids and accompany us for a while. In some sailing regions it is even worth sailing out for the whole day to look for whales and dolphins. In any case, it is always a fascinating experience and our guests within grasp of the clever marine mammals, lying on our nets.


A sailing trip really looks like an active holiday, but the Vanora with its large amount of space, offers so many places to retreat to, to read a book in peace or simply chill out or relax. Let yourself be spoilt, enjoy the gentle swaying at anchor or the unbelievable play on colours at sunset – a unique experience at sea.

Onshore Trips ______________________________________________________________

If you wish, we arrange land trips and things to do on the islands with guides and businesses we know and trust. With us, you will easily find the interesting corners of the towns and the best shops and markets. Of course we also know where you can get a great lobster dinner on the beach, where there is an authentic pub or a unique local bar with live music….
We always keep in contact with the locals meaning we are given a hearty welcome everywhere.

Food ________________________________________________________

According to our guests, the only problem involved with the cruises is gaining weight thanks to the delicious food. From breakfast to the evening meal: Tina spoils her guests with local specialities or delicacies from back home. Fruit and vegetables fresh from the market (shopping itself is an experience of its own) of self-caught fish from the grill, out of the frying pan or even smoked! Of course, our guests’ preferences are taken into consideration; but even some of “Tina’s” recipes are now being cooked back home. Her choice of cocktails for the sunset can definitely keep up with every good bar.

Atmosphere ________________________________________________________

Many guests come as strangers, have become friends ever since and keep on going back to the Vanora. That is our plan and we look forward to every cruise with new guests to show them our way of life. We call it: The Vanora feeling.
Get to know it – the cabins are ready.

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