The skipper


Peter Seitz

D.o.b. (supposedly) 1961

Trained carpenter, many years of experience in catering as well as a DJ as well as catering with 60 employees, Harley rider, football know-it-all, snowboard teacher, Padi rescue diver, big game fishing and otherwise a water sports enthusiast.
The voice of the “Vanora” – with a good feeling for the right thing but also the necessary tone, he steers yacht and crew safely through the sea. Experience and the necessary training make him a skipper to be trusted. In addition, his McGyver gene stands up to all technical challenges.
Finding the most beautiful islands, beaches, bays, diving spots and sunsets for his guests is what keeps on putting that cheeky grin on his face. Tracking down a tasty fish for the gallery or the best sundown drinks in the most fun bars are part of a perfect day to him!

“Possibly if one found out how one should live, one would learn what it actually means.” (Ernest Hemmingway)

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