The Crew


“Don’t dream your life but live your dreams!”

Said so often but rarely dared! We have decided to leave our “old” life behind us in order to reach new horizons on the skids of our Vanora!

On the way from Europe into the Caribbean, after French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Asia or the Maldives, the wind will show us the way and the sea will be our guide.

We would love to share all of our newly discovered paradises with you when you accompany us along part of our journey. On our comfortable luxury catamaran, we will show you the most beautiful areas to sail and diving spots of the world and you will get to know the country and people as they really are. We are passionate water sports enthusiasts, but also know – from our many years of experience in catering – what it takes to be a good host.
Spend a few of your most valuable days of the year with us during the best time of our life! Live your dreams!

Bettina & Peter & Chico

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