Rates and Service

The Vanora is a luxurious private yacht on which we offer cruises you can take part in.

Knowledge of sailing is not necessary but we do offer ambitious sailors active co-sailing.

The Vanora deliberatley only occupies a maximum of 4 guests (unless in the case of guests with children) per cruise in order to always offer the greatest of comfort and individual care!

Cabine Type:

Cabine 1 (click here for details)

Starboard aft cabin with own shower and separate WC

Cabine 2 (click here for details)

Starboard front cabin with own shower and separate WC

Total costs per person in a double cabin:

The total costs are as follows: Cruise price + VIP (Bahamas)

Duration of cruise 8 Days (7 nights):

Cruise price: 1440 US$ + Vip: 330 US$ = Total price:  1770 US$

Duration of cruise 11 Days (10 nights):

Cruise price: 1998 US$ + Vip: 470 US$ = Total price:  2468 US$

Cruise price (depending on the cruise)

The cruise price includes a berth per guest and the use of the catamaran and its equipment as well as being looked after by the crew during the agreed cruise.

Do you want the Vanora all to yourself and have no other guests on board?


We offer the following complete yacht charter prices:

Cruises in the Caribbean: Vanora exclusive for 8 days with crew and catering:

Yacht charter for 4 persons 5760 US$ & Vip (Vanora inclusive package) 1.316 US$

= Total price: 7.076 US$

Yacht charter for 2 persons 5530 US$ & Vip (Vanora inclusive package) 658 US$

= Total price: 6.188 US$



Cruises in the Caribbean: Vanora exclusive for 11 days (10 Nights) with crew and catering:

Yacht charter for 4 persons 7.995 US$ & Vip (Vanora inclusive package) 1.880 US$

= Total price: 9.875 US$

Yacht charter for 3 persons 7.850 US$ & Vip (Vanora inclusive package) 1.41o US$

= Total price: 9.260 US$

Yacht charter for 2 persons 7.750 US$ & Vip (Vanora inclusive package) 940 US$

= Total price: 8.690 US$



Vanora Inclusive Package (VIP) 329 US$ per week

The Vanora Inclusive Package includes the following services



• Large breakfast (tea/coffee, bread, jam/cold meats/cheese/eggs/muesli/fruit)

• Lunch-Snack: (salat, bruscetta, tapas etc.)

• Dinner: Delicious cuisine with Caribbean specialities and delicacies from home


• Soft drinks such as Coke, Sprite, Fanta, tonic, … (or the like)

• Tea and coffee

• Table water

Not included are: Beer, wine, rum and other spirits

witch are invoice on board according to consumption.

All fuel costs (main motors and dinghy), process water

Bed clothes, hand towels (excluding bath towels) final cleaning

Local duties: Reef Patrol, environmental duties

The use of the snorkelling equipment (including instructions where necessary)

The use of the kayaks (including instructions where necessary)

The use of the equipment for deep sea fishing (including instructions where necessary)

Dinghy transfers (for jogging, trips to the land, etc.)

Other costs that are not included are:

• We go on land for dinner once a week, e.g. restaurant, lobster barbeque, etc.

This is not included in the VIP package and each participant must pay himself.

• Marina costs, mooring fees, cruising permit (BVI) are divided among all co-

sailors. Depending on the area, these are between 20 US$ and 90 US$ per

person/cruise. We will set anchor as often as possible.

• Entrance fees, land trips, national park fees, entry and exit charges

These also depend on the are of travel (approx 0-50 US$)

• Flights and transfers to/from ship (we pick up guests from the airport

whenever possible.)







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